30 08, 2017

What are canker sores? – La Jolla dentist

What are canker sores? – La Jolla dentist Many people experience sores in the mouth from time to time. The medical term for these is aphthous ulcers, though they're commonly called canker sores. Although they usually aren't a serious threat to health, they can be a nuisance. As a premier La Jolla dentist, we frequently get questions about canker sores. What do canker sores look like? Canker sores are small ulcers inside of the mouth. The sore itself is usually round, and is gray or ... Read More
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25 07, 2017

Implant-supported dentures – San Diego dental implants

Implant-supported dentures – San Diego dental implants Those who are missing one tooth almost always prefer a dental implant to replace that tooth. With the many advantages of dental implants over other options, this is usually an easy choice. What about for those who are missing many or all of their teeth? Are dental implants a good option for them? Would they need a dental implant for each missing tooth, or is there a simpler way to replace their teeth? Implant-supported ... Read More
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27 06, 2017

What causes tooth sensitivity? – dentist near UCSD

What causes tooth sensitivity? – dentist near UCSD As a premier dentist near UCSD, this is one of the more common questions that we hear. Many people find that their teeth are sensitive in response to cold, heat, certain foods, or touch. What causes this sensitivity, and what can people do to increase their comfort? Causes of sensitivity There are a number of different causes of tooth sensitivity. Thinning of the enamel Beneath the enamel, teeth are made of dentin. Dentin is full of ... Read More
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30 05, 2017

What are the advantages of dental implants? – dental implants San Diego

What are the advantages of dental implants San Diego? People who are missing teeth have a few options for filling the gap. These include fixed or removable bridges, full or partial dentures, and dental implants. Dental implants offer a variety of advantages over the other options, and most dentists consider them to be the treatment of choice for those who are missing teeth. What makes a dental implant preferred over the other options? Advantages of dental implants San Diego Most people, ... Read More
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26 04, 2017

See an immediate improvement in your smile with dental bonding – San Diego cosmetic dentist

See an immediate improvement in your smile with dental bonding – San Diego cosmetic dentist Most people want the fastest results from their cosmetic dentistry treatments. For those with relatively small imperfections in their smiles, dental bonding can provide the fastest way to improve your smile. There's virtually no discomfort involved. What is dental bonding? Dental bonding uses a material called composite resin to alter the appearance of teeth. This is the same tooth-colored material ... Read More
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25 03, 2017

Is it bad to grind your teeth? – San Diego family dentist

Is it bad to grind your teeth? – San Diego family dentist Do you carry your stress in your jaw? If you do, you're not alone. Grinding the teeth is a common habit. Many people find themselves clenching the jaw muscles or grinding the teeth, especially when they feel stressed. Teeth grinding is medically known as bruxism. It's particularly common at night, but can also happen during the day. In many cases, it doesn't cause much harm, but some people can experience some negative effects ... Read More
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27 02, 2017

Why is dental care for children important? – La Jolla kids dentist

Why is dental care for children important? – La Jolla kids dentist Parents often have questions about how they should take care of their children’s teeth. When does a child need to start coming for dental visits? When should toothbrushing begin? Do the baby teeth really matter, when they're just going to fall out? As a family dental practice, we encounter many parents in our practice with questions like these. Your child’s first dental visit It’s recommended that a child come in for ... Read More
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28 01, 2017

Lasers: the future of dentistry – cosmetic dentist San Diego

The future of dentistry includes the use of lasers – cosmetic dentist San Diego As the premier cosmetic dentist San Diego, we at La Jolla Center for Advanced Dentistry are committed to offering the most advanced technology to our patients. Our professionals are constantly learning new techniques and adopting new technologies, to allow us to provide you with the very best in dental care. Several of our newer technologies involve lasers. Yes, we know it sounds like science fiction, but ... Read More
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28 12, 2016

Improve your smile discreetly with Invisalign® – Invisalign San Diego

It’s very common to want to improve your smile. Many people have gaps between the teeth, teeth that are crooked, front teeth that stick too far forward (“buck teeth”), or a myriad of other problems with alignment. Most of these people would benefit socially from fixing their smiles. In those who have a job or a business that involves meeting clients or customers, there would also be a professional benefit to having a great smile. However, despite the potential benefits of a better ... Read More
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30 11, 2016

Crowns in a single visit with CEREC technology – dentist San Diego

A crown can be very helpful to strengthen a tooth that's been damaged, either through trauma or extensive decay. Made of durable and natural-looking porcelain, a crown is a shell that fits around a tooth. Crowns are most often used on the molars, because these teeth must withstand a significant amount of force while chewing, and can crack or break if they aren't strong enough. However, front teeth may receive crowns as well. The traditional process for getting a crown requires at least two ... Read More
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